Friday, February 27, 2009


Tick tock… tick tock…
The clock counts the minutes
A small green marble illuminates the shadows
It winks a crooked eye

My gnarled finger caresses it gently
Yellowed nails scrape its flawless surface
Smooth and shiny, it blinds my tired eyes
I blink and savor the stillness

Pulling against its compelling aura
I turn back to my task
My wraith-like form pours over the book
Older than old, the book uncurls sodden pages

This room is dank, hidden below the sea
I should protect the book
Random thoughts ebb and flow
I lose myself in the incantation

Tick tock…tick tock…
The witching hour looms
I feel a presence, something bold and chilling
The green glow is brighter now, casting shadows on the wall

It hovers over me—a predatory thing
It’s grown to boulder size
Topaz and turquoise swirl within its crooked eye
Fear coils tightly within

I hunch closer over my book
My task more urgent than ever
The marble’s eerie hum urging me on

I repeat the words—crush the bone
Stir and mix, chant and pray
The sphere moves closer—why is it not shrinking?
It engulfs me mid syllable and the spell remains undone…