Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off Topic

I was scouring the web for interesting images of Robert Redford to draw today and a thought occurred to me. It must be just as hard to be a male sex symbol as it is to be a female sex symbol. I think that men get overlooked on this issue.

It became a little sad for me as I compared his before and after images. My first thought was, "Why haven't I drawn him before. The man is incredible." But that thought quickly turned to empathy as I took in his hair dye and stylish clothes. Is he trying too hard to hang onto that boyish charm that so endeared him to us? I hope not.

For me the greatest thing about Redford was his acting. His movies are above and beyond. But what made them so great was his blend of boyish charm and masculine steel. Sure he could wink and smile and capture our hearts. But he also carried himself in a way that left no doubt that he was an articulate, intelligent man who could cut through the b.s. It's his complexities that I find interesting.

At 71, he looks amazing, hair dye or no. He still has that smile and carriage. He still has that laid back, natural way about him. But as an artist, I find the recent lines in his face far more beautiful than the iconic images that the web is littered with. Every line tells a story. And I can't wait to sketch them down. I'll post the drawing as soon as I can...I hope I do him justice.

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