Monday, August 31, 2009

An Excerpt of "Broken"

"Broken" is about a young widow who struggles to accept her husband's death and basically self-destructs. She wavers between lucidity and insanity, driven by pain. This is her moment of clarity...the moment she decides to live.

I look at the razor blade in my hands. I don’t even remember grabbing it. It catches the light and gleams silver, a welcoming friend. It is a lie. I throw it on the floor and grasp my wedding ring instead. It was a promise given out of love. If you want me to live then I will live. I slip the ring back onto my finger, smiling through my tears as it winks at me. The soft light holds the gold band and it seems to glow.

I rise from my bath and cover myself. I feel raw, but oddly reborn. I scoop up the pile of clothes and toss them in the bin. I love you. My heart repeats the words slowly, rhythmically in my chest. I love you. I place one foot in front of the other unsure of what morning will bring. I crawl beneath our comforter. As I drift to sleep, I swear that I feel you wrap your arms around me, but when I look, no one is there. I close my eyes and hear you whisper softly, “Sleep tight.” I smile and nestle deeper into my pillow. Maybe I’m not that crazy after all.


  1. See, if that had been me, I'd have had her step on the razor blade after getting out of the bath, hop about on one foot for a bit, fall backwards into the bath, knocking her head, and drown. Comical irony, see?

    But your idea is good too.

  2. Lol, you're such a brat. And you're twisted enough to make that work, lmao.

    If you knew the whole piece, and saw me write a comical ending, you'd holler at me for breaking the tone of the story. Wouldn't you?

    I can't post the whole thing though...I submitted it to Glimmer Train. If it gets rejected I might...I hear GT is a tough place to get published... :(

  3. Truthfully, I was proud of myself for letting her live. If you knew what she'd been doing prior to this...yikes.


  4. It WAS a pretty mean comment, wasn't it? But it really could work...

    Yikes? Not sure I want to know what she was doing... you're plenty twisted yourself. I only like happy stories with ponies and wizards.

    I had a quick look at GT, do they charge an entry fee?

    I'm in a funk at the minute. Thinking submitting something somewhere might raise my spirits.


    That is a link to their submission guidelines. They have a ton of contests that cost $15 (US) to enter. BUT if you click on the "standard" links on the page, you can submit a regular submission and that's free. The standard submissions are only accepted during specific months and if selected for publication they pay $700 (US). The contests pay a lot more.

    Regardless, GT is a pain to get accepted in. So much so, that the editors even state it may take multiple submissions before you get anywhere with them. It's a boon though. I've read several writers say they got agents after being published in GT.

    So I figure, what the hell? I'm writing this crap anyway. Might as well bite the bullet. I submitted another story to Esquire, also. A tawdry tale about the folly of cheating on your wife with blond co-eds. Lol.

    And you would LOVE the dirty things this girl (the character, I plead the fifth) does. Every guy who has read it has. But the GT editors are female, so I think I'm screwed, lol.

    I'm going to hell. You know that right?

    "you're plenty twisted yourself."

    Of course I'm twisted. Why do you think I like you? Hehehehehe.

    "I only like happy stories with ponies and wizards."

    Then what the hell are you doing on my blog? Lmao! I barbecue ponies other things to wizards. But none of it's "happy." Or is it? ;D

    It was a bit mean, but I'm numb to your insults. You'll have to up your game if you want another limerick from me.


  6. Esquire? Wow! Nothing like aiming high.

    Best of luck with the submissions.

    I'm off to work on my latest story, "The Wizard's Magic Pony"...

  7. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


    The worst they can say is, "no." But it was an open call, so I submitted.

    Good luck with the "Wizard's Magic Pony." Can't wait to read it, lol.

  8. "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?"-Robert Browning

    Currently working on "Two Romans discuss knitting".

  9. "Currently working on "Two Romans discuss knitting".

    Oh Lord help us. :p