Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Last Nod To Vin

I know that I've been on a Vin Diesel kick, but I wanted to share one more thing about him with you all. I think he is seriously underestimated as an actor. And I found a clip that proves it. This is Multi-Facial, a piece that Vin wrote and stars in. The opening scene is really rough, but if you make it past that monologue it's worth it.

Artistically speaking, this is absolutely beautiful. It's gritty and uneven, a bit raw, but pure. It has something interesting and indescribable about it. It's 20 minutes long...but if you watch it, you'll understand exactly what I mean. It's from before Vin became rich and famous; it got him a part in Saving Private Ryan.


  1. I like Vin. I especially like how excited he got on the Jonathan Ross Show when he found out Jonathan's wife had a level 80 WOW character.


    That's Jonathan on the left and Jane on the right. She wrote the screenplay for Stardust, the adaptation of the Neil Gaiman fairy tale.

    On the same show Vin did this:


  2. The video was removed for copyright restrictions. But I saw him do helium on some British Show (don't know that name, sorry). That was pretty funny. I know he played D&D for twenty years, wrote the forward for the D&D 30th anniversary edition. and he's spoke very fondly of his favorite D&D character, Malcore, lol.

    He's a sweetie, a geek in a hot body. That's probably why I like him so much. I'm a sucker for smart guys...And it's probably why he chose "The Chronicles of Riddick" over the second "Fast and Furious" movie, lol.

  3. I'm getting that copyright message up on Youtube all the time now.

    Yes, it was the Helium incident. And if you want to talk about geeky, he managed a quote from cult British comedy "Withnail and I" in his squeaky voice.

  4. Squeaky! Oh nonononononono. Not squeaky, hot, gruff, sexy, deep, nice enough to melt butter. But not squeaky. The helium only lasted a second, lol. His phony accent wasn't bad, lol. I'm a sucker for those accents, Scots, Aussies, etc. Dunno why.

    I heard some Highlander talking about training Border Collies and I swear I needed a translator. I couldn't understand a damn thing he said, lol. I thought, that's English?

    Youtube sucks...and yet I'm listening to my playlist right now, lol.

    Hey, is this the Lily Allen you're always going on about?

    I listen to metal and hard rock, so this isn't really my genre and I wasn't familiar with her. Though I like Amy Winehouse, great voice on that girl. I hope she can sort her life out...

  5. Can't play that video due to copyright restrictions, but I stuck the url in Google and it shows Lily Allen's "The Fear" - so yes!

    I was never really into specific genres of music. The first stuff I bought was the likes of ZZ Top and Meatloaf, but rapidly followed by Kate Bush and Judy Tzuke. Then I started digging back into the 60s for the Shangri-Las and dozens of other bands.

    These days, if I'm listening to LastFM, it's as likely to be P!nk, Rainbow, D12 or the Dropkick Murphies. And don't get me started on Rebel Country music!

  6. Okay. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Youtube, but it's getting really annoying. Well, at least you're smart enough to like brunettes, lol. She doesn't look that good as a blond...

    I don't do country or rap. Makes my skin crawl. I'll listen to anything other than that. But I know my "go to" tunes are metal or hard rock.

    Except for Van Morrison. He is hands down my favorite singer/songwriter ever. I'll listen to him no matter what mood I'm in.

    Thank you for answering, btw. :)

  7. I don't do country or rap. Makes my skin crawl.


    You delete your extremeist political messsages, but you're willing to let sweeping statements like that just hang there. Brave. I salute you.

  8. Prejudice? Lmao! You're such a brat.

    Tsk. Tsk. Working your way to another limerick, I see. Lol.