Monday, August 17, 2009

"Seduce The Darkness"

I just finished reading Seduce The Darkness by Gena Showalter. I hate to admit it, but I was a little disappointed. I mean, there were some interesting things that happened in the story and I feel like it was well written. But there were some things that really annoyed me.

Showalter had some great subplots going, but too many of them. And they felt unfinished, or somehow disconnected. The main characters stop an alien from spreading a parasite across the Earth that turns people into cannibals. But she basically drops that alien's character after he's cured to go off on a vampire excursion. So the book shifts to vampire culture and reclaiming the leading lady's heritage.

And the leading man, Devyn, King of the Targons, starts out on a mission to nail every species of female he comes across--until he falls in love with the leading lady, Bride McKells. I was okay with his arrogant, man-slut behavior until it became juvenile. I think that's what disappointed me. I wanted to like the book, and I do like elements of it, but I got sick of the constant references to sex.

Shocking isn't it? That I, of all people, would roll my eyes and say, "gag me." I love some erotica, but too much is just too much. I would have preferred a more cohesive tale, even if that meant sacrificing some sexual banter. And there was an interesting back story on Devyn that I felt Showalter could have done more with...

I like books that give the main characters some depth and I think that Showalter was on that track, but didn't quite reach it. I know, they can't all be like Laurell K. Hamilton, lol. But it's a quick read and if you want something that's heavy on sex talk (and action) then this is your book. Lol.

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