Saturday, September 5, 2009


It was just a kiss
Just a brush of lips over lips
A brief flick of tongue

A stroke lingering
A touch beckoning
Nothing more

It was just a kiss
Your hands on my body
A moan deep in my throat

Aching for more
It was just a kiss
Deliciously addictive

Hips strain against jeans
A cruel barrier to shed
Delve deep into my open mouth

A low hum in my veins
Arousal and need
I never meant to go this far

It was just a kiss
Hands searching
Memorizing the texture of flesh

Rub my breasts against you
Bid you to lay down your head
Wrap my arms around your big body

Arch like a cat and burn for you
It was just a kiss
I never meant to crawl inside your skin

I never meant to see the truth within
Open a window to your mind
Part my thighs and welcome you inside

I never meant—
It was just a kiss
Just a—

*Because everyone needs a bit of smut. ;p


  1. "Rub my breasts against you"


  2. Fantastic!

    "Memorizing the texture of flesh"

    I don't know where you get this from. Such an incredible turn of phrase.

    "I never meant to crawl inside your skin
    I never meant to see the truth within"

    Loved this "couplet". Unable to fight shades of Billy Warlock's "Society" though.

  3. Zach: Again with the pics? Fine. Come on over big boy. I'll get my camera... ;p

    Anton: Thanks. Unfamiliar with Billy Warlock. Googling now...

  4. Unfamiliar with... < sputters >...the single finest horror film to come out of the early 90s?

    Seminal film. So to speak.

  5. Yeah, I looked it up already. I don't watch horror films a general rule. Visual mind, horrible nightmares. wanna...never mind. ;D

    Loved Shaun of the Dead though and Hot Fuzz. That guy cracks me up. I even watched Run Fatboy Run, lol.

  6. If I wanna what? Don't ask me to guess what you're thinking - I don't have sufficient insurance to cover an attempt.

  7. Sorry, you'll have to guess, cuz I'm blushing too much to say... ;p

    Buy more insurance. ;D

  8. Okay...

    " wanna..."

    Yes, I do. Forthwith. Please describe the luggage I will require for the attempt.

  9. Luggage? Who said you needed cloth-- err um luggage?


  10. So, in conclusion, great poem.

    Now I just have to discard this heavy.. luggage. And we're all set.

    Rarely wanted to wanna so much as I have right now.

  11. Sure. Sofas.

    Honey, if you think it's about furniture then you haven't got a clue. ;D

  12. Someone throw a bucket of cold water on me please (and light me a cigarette).

    That was spicy, hot stuff, Kat.

  13. Thanks Alan. Got a bucket right here.

    Yeah, smut is my forte, lol.