Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Favorite Toy

Just when you think
It’s safe for me to meet your Mum
I give you a wink
And you’re coming undone

I’m not the girl who smiles with lies
Not the one with character, lacked
But look in my eyes
And you’ll see my halo is cracked

I love to tease and taunt
Play a game or three
Laugh and kiss, I’m want
Won’t you come play with me?

Don’t put me in a pretty dress
Don’t like to wear hats
I’m apt to make a mess
Think you’re okay with that?

I’m just a girl
A silly little girl
And you’re just a boy
My favorite toy


  1. So is this the poem you said you were going to dedicate to Alan?

  2. *Gwrack* Sorry, just threw up on myself a little bit. Nice poem, by the way!

  3. No worries Alan, he's just fighting his leash. He knows damn well who this poem's for.


    Don'tcha, Brat? I'll get you housebroken, yet.


  4. Does that mean no jumping up on the bed?

  5. I thought I explained the bed rules? Jumping is encouraged.