Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eskimo Kiss

I’ll ply you with wine
And tickle your mind
I’ll woo you with candy
Until you feel randy

I’ll sing you to sleep
And lick you awake
I’ll promise you everything
And lies never make

I’ll read you some poetry
While naked and clean
I’ll sniff every inch
Of your 5’11” frame

I’ll tell you a riddle
Then quietly giggle
I’ll laugh and I’ll cry
Not always knowing why

I’ll touch you and tease you
Do my best just to please you
And teach you to dance
Under ominous skies

And just when you think
My smile you have missed
I’ll bring you to the brink
With an Eskimo kiss


  1. I would kill a polar bear for you
    Wrestle its ferocious claws...
    Well, maybe not a bear
    They're quite big with massive jaws
    But I would scare a duck
    On the promise of a hug
    Splash its pond causing ripples
    For the chance to lick you shoulder
    I'm no bear killer, just a wussy,
    Can I still rub your nose?

  2. Hmmm...when you say duck, do you really mean scary swan? Lol.

    Oh what the hell? Sure rub noses and snuggles, too. :D

  3. ixnay on the answay alktay.

  4. You don't speak pig latin?

  5. That sounded like it could be offensive!


  6. Nix on the swans talk?

    Kill joy.

    I suppose you still wanna rub noses?

    Mean Man.


  7. Don't you mean "noses"?