Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Gonna mess you up, Babe
Run dirty fingers all over you
Gonna ruin you for other women, Babe
Make you shake till you’re through

Gonna make you cry out and cum
But not before I’m done
Gonna make you seize from fun
Watch with a wicked glint— cuz I’ve won

Gonna lick your sweat
Taste your lust
I’m taking this bet
And taming your thrust

Never tempt a tigress, hon
Lest I claw you raw
I can see you’re coming undone
I’ll lick and nip your jaw

Working lower, harder, faster still
Sliding over you in liquid heat
Never should have provoked my will
Tie you up and take my seat

Grin from ear to ear
Your eyes go wide, dilate
Riding you here...and here...
You buck, I gyrate…

You’re my new throne, Babe
Gonna dirty you up and make you my own
Gonna ride you to glory, Babe
Gonna twist you and twist you until you moan.

*** I'm a baaaad girl. Poor Anton. Brwaaaaahhaaaaa!!!


  1. "Never should have provoked my will"

    I don't even remember what I did! Tell me!

    So I can do it again...

  2. You said I was sad. I'm not sad...not even close.

    Can you guess what I am?


    Do it again? Okay...I'll loosen your ties this time...maybe...


  3. Again with the ties...

  4. Feel rather like I should back quietly out of the room that I stumbled into.

    Straight From Hel

  5. Kitten - I think we're turning into THAT couple...

  6. Good!

    Sorry, Helen...okay, I'm not sorry. Enter at your own risk, Girlfriend, lmao!

  7. I think that I need some hot water, a good soap and a really bristly brush to scrub myself...

  8. So I'm a little spicy...nuthin' wrong with that! Lmao!