Saturday, January 30, 2010


The serpent slithered up the tree. His brightly colored scales caught and glittered in the warm sunlight. He wound himself around the branch with a slow, easy sensuality. His soft voice beckoned seductively, “Just one bite. It’s a delectable treat. Think of the sweet juices rolling over your tongue, trickling down your chin, sliding down your throat. Such wonder you have never known. Such pleasure, it’s an explosion of sensation in your lovely mouth.” He nudged the fruit closer to her.

“Just a taste, my beauty, what harm could come from one little nibble?”

Her small hand wavered; her mouth watered. She licked her lush lips hungrily. She’d never wanted anything so badly. Just a taste? Surely the serpent was right, what harm could come from one tiny bite? She reached out with greedy hands to snatch the ripe fruit from the snake. But he yanked it out of her grasp.

“Not so fast, my lovely!” He slithered along the branch so he could coil his cool body around her arm. His muscles flexed and released with slow precision, until he’d wrapped himself around her body. He kneaded the soft skin under her breasts and whispered in her ear. “Fetch your husband. Tell him to come and taste the fruit with you. Think of the pleasure you’ll both feel if you try it together. Imagine the joy, the ecstasy.” He squeezed her breasts, gently arousing her, and spinning her head with limitless possibilities.

She swallowed hard and took a steadying breath. “Okay, I’ll get Adam.” The serpent was overjoyed to hear this and released her. “Good,” he replied and tenderly stroked her cheek with the tip of his tail.

Eve rushed to find Adam, still flushed with lust and need from her encounter with the serpent. Her thighs trembled and the space between throbbed. Her innocent heart longed for the tantalizing fruit with the single-mindedness of a child. She found her lover by the river.

“Husband, come see what I’ve found!” She grabbed his arm in an attempt to pull him away with her. But he held fast. He looked at her flushed face, the wild passion in her eyes and felt himself stir. He stroked her hair away from her face, setting it behind her ear, and trailed his fingers along her neck and shoulder. He smiled sweetly as he watched her breasts rise and her nipples harden—begging for a kiss.

She returned his smile and rubbed against him playfully. She bit her lower lip and looked up at him through her lashes, “I’ve found the most delicious fruit. Come and taste it with me.” She traced the silky skin of his chest, dragging her nails across his hair. He moaned deep in his throat and leaned in to kiss her neck—to lap at her sweet skin with his tongue. “Impossible, the most delicious fruit is here.” His fingers strayed softly against her sex, coaxing her open.

Her head fell back, her long dark hair cascading over her bottom. She widened her stance unconsciously to grant him better access. His fingers searched and probed. His mouth claimed hers, pushing his tongue deep inside. She moaned and whimpered wanting so much more—needing everything. She sighed with delight as his fingers worked inside her body, stroking and teasing her closer to oblivion.

But in the back of her mind the fruit called to her. She clamped her thighs closed—trapping Adam’s hand. “Husband, we can do this later, let’s go taste the fruit first. Come on, Love. I’ll make it worth your while.” She smiled at him wickedly and moved, releasing his hand to drape a leg over his, rubbing her sex against his thigh.

He groaned and moved his hands to massage her bottom and push her slickness harder against his leg. His erection was thick and tight against her stomach. The need to push inside her was killing him. “Quickly then, wife, quickly.” He let her lead him to the tree of knowledge.

She plucked a piece of fruit from the tree, its bright color and soft flesh felt wonderful in the palm of her hand. She offered it to her husband. “Look, isn’t it divine?!” Her excitement drew him to her. But this fruit was forbidden, God had told them so. “We can’t eat from this tree.” Her brow creased and she said, “But the serpent said surely one little nibble would be okay. And it’s good food. Look at it, so delicious. Don’t you want a taste, my Love?”

He pulled her against his body, “I want a taste of you.” She laughed and pushed him away. “You can taste me anytime. Try this.” And she put the fruit to his lips. He turned his face away and pulled it from her hand. He threw it to the ground and kissed her firmly when she began to complain. “The Lord said not to eat from this tree, so I won’t.”

Eve opened her mouth to try to sway him, yet again, but something caught Adam’s eye. He moved away from Eve and grabbed a large stick from the ground. He raised it above his head and—THWACK! He killed the serpent with a solid blow to the skull. He tossed the stick away and shivered. “Man, I hate those things! Creepy, crawly—yuck! Now where were we? Oh yes!” He grabbed her and pulled her soundly against him…


  1. Naughty!

    You used "soundly" twice in one story... that deserves a spankering...

  2. I knew that Book told the story all wrong!

  3. That was very good. Naughty....but good!

  4. Mr.Gully-- if you think you're man enough... ;p

    Marisa and Akasha-- Thanks!!

    I love being naughty. It's my most favorite past time, lol.

  5. hmmmm...biblical erotica? lol Now that's something you don't see everyday! Very...ahem, descriptive. :-) Well done.

  6. What Shannon said...and certainly NOT anything that Anton said.... lol

    As for me? I like a man who knows how to wield a stick.
    Nicely done Kat.


  7. Great story with a wonderful twist. I bet the serpent didn't see that coming! ;)

  8. Whew! Is it hot in here?
    Very nice retelling of a classic story.

  9. Wow, just wow! Great work here. What in the world did Anton say, I'm dying to know now and don't see it.
    Super description, you do erotica very well.

  10. If only the bible told it this way, maybe we'd all be frolicking naked in the Garden of Eden. Alas. This was juicy, daring fun!

  11. Well done, Kat. I need a shower...a cold one, of course...

  12. Shannon,liveloveslit,Tim, Deanna, Sam-- Thanks for the kind words! Glad you all enjoyed it. I had fun writing it, lol.

    Karen-- I dunno...I rather like the idea of being bent over Mr.Gully's knee...but then, he already knows that. ;D

    Glad you liked it, chicka!

    Alan-- I'd say I was sorry, but by now you know what you're in for, here at Crooked Tales, lmao! Just wait till this Friday. Oy vey. Lol. :)

  13. Yowza! I'll have to remember not to read your stuff at work anymore :P

    Your writing is luscious!

  14. lol. Sorry Dana.

    Hmmm....maybe I should post a disclaimer?

    Naw, it's funnier to spring on folks, lmao. Glad you liked it!