Sunday, April 11, 2010


He always liked dancers
Long legs and witch’s arms
Hips that sway to the rhythm
Chest out, ass grinding to and fro

He felt his mouth water
Watching her
Knowing she was watching him
Putting on a show

Music pumping
As he crossed the room
Ask her for a dance
Groan as she cradles her hips against his

In love by the chorus
In a packed club
He always liked dancers
He liked her style

As she closed the motel door
Pearls swinging between her breasts
Hips still rocking
To and fro

Her moans fill the air
A new rhythm to move to
Nails scrape his back
Watch her arch and beg

He always liked dancers…


  1. Okay... but did he like dancers?

  2. Nope. He hates them. The preceding poem was a lie--a lie I tell you!

    Mr. Gully, you sir, are a brat.


  3. OK, so maybe he hates dancers.
    But I hear he loves tits and chocolate.

    Nice poem, Kat.

  4. Lmao! Yes! That is the way you comment on Crooked Tales, Ladies and Gents! Well played, Ms. Olliffe.

    Tits and chocolate? He sprung from my head so more than In fact, for future reference, ALL of my leading male characters like tits and chocolate. It is now a requirement.

    And thank you for the kind words. ;D


  6. Mr. Gully, I hadn't seen Alan's blog. But lmao! You are adorable! I've got chocolate and ... ;D