Thursday, May 13, 2010


He says the sweetest things
Says he'll put a smile on my face
Make me giggle again

But you said things like this
You said so many things
Hollow words that echo

He wants to stroke my cheek
Brush my hair over my shoulder
He wants to kiss me

I turn away at the last second
How is it that you still own my mouth?
How is it that everything comes back to you?

He's a good man
Strong and smart
His big body excites me

But he isn't you
Isn't even close
Can I learn to see past you?

Why should I have to?
I want to chase you down
Shake the truth from you

This discrepancy is driving me crazy
I can't reconcile what we had
With what you've left me

Can it all have been a dream?
A nightmare I can't wake up from?
He clears his throat

I snap back and give my apologies
He takes my hand in his
He says he'll erase you from my memory

I watch with growing fascination
As he traces circles on my inner wrist
And wonder if he can...


  1. Can he? Does it matter? The fun is in the trying.

  2. True that. Lol. I do on occasion completely miss the point, don't I?