Friday, October 8, 2010

Sunlight and Lust

Sunlight slices across the white 400 count Egyptian cotton comforter. Shadows collect in the folds of the blanket. Rumpled sheets suggest hushed movements slow and sweet from the night before. His foot peeks out the side. A strong thigh begs to be caressed. My greedy eyes devour the contours of his back. I love that he sleeps on his belly.

A beautiful waist widens up to his shoulders. Soft dark hair dusts his arms and legs. He's hugging the pillow and I smile to myself. I remember the feel of those arms wrapped around me. I remember the thrill as I watched his eyes, felt his breath on my flesh.

I know that if he turns over his chest will be deliciously furry. I know his eyes will be heavy lidded and plagued by blue-black shadows. I know his mouth will be full and irresistible. If he turns over I'll have to rake my nails over his chest, circle around his nipples. I'll have to kiss him.

I feel the urge to leave the window and go to him. I feel my feet wanting to pad across the room and straddle his hips. I want so much to press my breasts to his back, to run my hands from his shoulders down to his hands. I need to lace my fingers with his and kiss him...kiss him...kiss him again.

I want it so badly that my thighs tremble and I nearly drop the coffee cup.

My face is flushed, my breasts aching...I clear my throat and go to the bed.

I settle next to him on the edge of the mattress. My t-shirt exposes a lot of leg as I sit down. I skim his back with my nails in large circles, then straight smooth strokes. I feel like I'm on fire, but try desperately to cool down. "Sweetie?"

He mumbles and buries his beautiful face into the pillow. I stifle a grin by biting my lower lip and try again. I lean in close, my hair spilling over him. I tug on his ear lobe with my teeth and kiss the corner of his jaw...still petting his back. "Baby, it's time to wake up. I brought you some coffee."

He groans and rolls over. "Is it morning already?" I feel like I've been struck a blow when I see his chest. Lust ticking along my skin. The colors and scent of him are bewitching. His arm over his eyes pulls his chest flat. And I inhale sharply at the tent he's pitching. I set the coffee on the night stand. A true hedonist...I lick his nipple and my hands begin to explore his wicked form.

He sucks in a deep breath and looks at me then. His randy grin fades to need as he sees the look in my eyes. Slowly he sits up and pulls me upright. "Want more?" His voice is rough and sleep worn. I swallow and nod, yes. His hands are on either side of my face as his mouth tastes mine. His tongue licks the corners of my mouth, then traces the inner line of my lips--parting them. I open to him reveling in the feel of his tongue stroking mine.

I don't know if all we have is this moment or a million more moments just like this. But I don't care. Because this moment is perfect. He drags his mouth away, presses his forehead to mine, and growls, "This is madness." I smile and tell him, "I know...but it's such a beautiful shade. Kiss me again, Baby, I wanna see the colors swirl. Please?"

He aggressively takes my mouth and I hope he brands my skin with his touch. I want to remember it always.

*I am the Smut Peddler...dontcha know? :D


  1. Hot! That's all I can say. I need to go outside and take a walk. Good description, good scene!

  2. Hot hardly begins to ... passionate, lusty descriptions. So effective. Cold shower time, gotta run...

  3. Sexy with a capital 'S' ... Details like "His foot peeks out the side...." make this just about perfect.

  4. very sensual imagery. I just loved it. Now I ned to get a cold shower. ;)

  5. You call it smut. If it is it sure is well written smut. Ain't nuthin wrong with that.