Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Domination and Dinner

I liked the way his lips curled softly at the corners of his mouth. It made me thirsty for a drink from those lush lips. But I'd never tell him that. I slid the whip over the palm of my hand then gently slid it over his shoulder before slapping him sharply with it. He shivered and drew in steadying breath.

He was trussed up on his knees with his hands tied behind him. I could see every muscle in his exquisite body. His veins formed lines just under his beautiful tanned skin. I stroked his hair and gently caressed his face. I watched his warm brown eyes stare eagerly--hopefully into my cool blue eyes. I walked around him and swatted him with my little whip once more. Then I stood before him. I kissed his sexy lips.

I used my whip to stroke and tease his hard cock through the pretty pink panties I'd instructed him to wear. He moaned against my hot mouth. "You want me to strike you, don't you, Slave?" He whimpered and nodded yes. I stood up straight and pulled the whip away. He cried out with desire and agony. I placed my foot on his thigh. I ground the heel of my black stiletto boot into the meat of his muscle. He doubled over.

I pulled him upright. "There, there Sweetheart. I would never hurt you. Would I?" He seemed reassured, so I slapped him. I watched with satisfaction as he dripped precum from his rock hard shaft. I hooked my leg over his shoulder and snapped, "Eat me good, Slave." He leaned in and began to lap at my tender folds. His tongue delved inside and pulled my juice out. I smiled a rewarded him with soft pettings as he swallowed my nectar. Then he drew his tongue along my soft wet skin to flick my clit. Again and again he flicked my clit. I felt my lips go numb and I bucked against his mouth. He sucked on my pussy. I yelled at him, "Suck me, yes! Yes!" I squirted all over his face and he struggled to drink it. He knew better then to waste a drop.

I walked behind him and used a very sharp blade to cut the ropes I'd bound him with. I tied him to the bed instead. When I was satisfied that he couldn't move..I climbed on top of him and slid that engorged, dripping cock inside my pussy. I watched him arch and try to buck. But it was impossible with the binds. So I rode him at my own speed. I watched his face flush and sweat. And I brought him close to orgasm 4 times before I let him cum inside me.

He filled my tight little kitty with a heavy load of seed. I scooped some out with my finger and made him drink it. He gagged, but obeyed. Then I straddled his head and made him lick me clean. I knew he hated this part.

I released his bonds and smiled sweetly. I kissed his mouth. "Get dressed, Babe. I gotta go fix dinner."


  1. Well, that took my breath away, Kat! But I love the ending 'I gotta go fix dinner :-)