Friday, June 24, 2011

#3WW: Sell Your Soul

#3WW: Gag, Maintain, Omit

The camera light glows red, winking.

Click. Flash!

The yellow lights from the overhead lamps burn white hot. The bonds are tight. She chokes on the ball gag. Her arms are twisted behind her back. Beautiful blond hair falls around her young face. Her breasts are crushed. The weight of the man steals the air from her lungs.

Her thighs tremble as he pushes in and out, the pain is so intense that she can’t tell where exactly he’s penetrating. She tries to breathe deep—gasps as the pain from the knife racks her. $900 for bondage photos. Rent money. Just photographs. Wheezing makes maintaining air impossible. The wild drum of her heartbeat pounds against her chest. What seemed so benign has become damnation.

Tears stream down her cheeks.

Click. Flash!

Just a little money.

The knife burns hotter. She fights. Struggles. Screams—but no one can hear. She kicks. They flip her over. She fights with bound hands. They omitted the knife. There shouldn’t be a knife stabbing. It was just a bondage set—a photo shoot. Her mind reels—coherent thought as elusive as freedom.

She stops screaming.

Stops fighting.

She’s found face down, a black tarp covering her perfect, young, beautiful body.

The cops say she was the victim of a snuff shoot.

Life is forever when you’re 23, but death is eternal—always.


The devil smiles with a used car salesman smile. He tips his top hat. Shiny buttons line his shiny striped jacket. Gold tooth flashes like a camera. The shutter whines as the lens focuses. Click. Flash! Dollar signs light up his eyes. Such a pretty young girl, why not use what you got to make some cash, Honey? It seems so easy. No harm, no foul.

Go on…you’ll be famous just like Jenna Jameson.

You know you want to.

Just sign on the dotted line, Sweetheart.

Just sign away your rights.

Just sell your soul.

You know you want to.


  1. This is so tragic and such a powerful powerful poem and video well done!

  2. You could probably produce a very, eerily similar video for pro-wrestlers.

    Oh you doing 3WW now? Some of my favourite stories where from my brief time doing that.

  3. That's sad about the wrestlers. :(

    I've only done two 3WW. Maybe you should start up again? Hmmm?