Monday, June 6, 2011

Wooo Hooo!!!

So ..okay...if you read this little bitty rag of mine then you know I've been fighting with my weight. Sweet, right? Okay...maybe not sweet. But whatever.

Anyway, I started doing Gerbalife--I mean--Herbalife. (Pardon my pet name for it!) I've been working out like a mad woman. Bought a torture device--er--a bicycle. And I've been trekking all over the gloriously dry, hot, desolate, desert known as Deming, NM. I even got a flat tire from this heinous little thing called a "goat head." Ever see one? They are thorns (I think) and enjoy puncturing the heels of your sneakers to stab you in the foot. Long painful spiky bits of hell--thank you Lord Jesus. Ooooh! And they follow you indoors and cling to your carpet, so when you least expect (usually barefoot from the shower) BAM!!! Effing pain!

Little baby Goat Heads. (Must not be from New Mexico--cuz out here we grow 'em waaaay bigger!)

Wow I get sidetracked easy!

Okay. So I've been busting my ass on the bike and doing these "core" exercises (ugh) and surviving on mutant Herbalife shakes for the past 17 days. And so far I've lost 13 lbs. It's probably water weight--but heck--I'll take it!

To reward myself I've decided to write a completely nonsensical post (obviously) and some really bad tunes. BUT they are tunes that will get you up and moving (or at least they do that to me).

Enjoy Bloggers and have a rockin' day!!! :D

Does Lady Gaga make anyone else wanna dress up in a silver, whacked out space suit complete with extra cleavage and Martian antennas? Is it just me? Blue eyeshadow and silver lipstick? Any takers?

Thank GOD for Pink!!!

Can't dance with out Cyndi!

Hell Yeah!

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  1. Oh my god, those things are terrifying. I'm so glad we don't have them (as far as I know) on the east coast!

    And wow, congrats on the weight loss. I've just gotten back from a year abroad and am now trying to get back into shape, and man, it's a struggle. So I soooo admire you. :D