Monday, February 22, 2010


My oldest friend
My greatest enemy

I've swung on your branches
Thrown my arms wide

And twirled under
Your cool shade trees

I've rolled down your hills
Scraped my knees on your gravel

I've watched your clouds roll by
And slept in your church parking lots

I've laughed with you
I've cried--even bled with you

In many ways I'll be sad to leave you
My boys took their first steps in your grass

I found solace in your parks
But I found pain in your cities

Mostly I'll be relieved to say good-bye
And overjoyed to see you in my rear view mirror


  1. You're only little, should you be taking on an entire state?

  2. good bye katherine .... have fun... hope everything works out for you....

  3. That's a really nice poem. It speaks volumes. What's up?

  4. Anton... little she may be, but I'd wager she'd win.

    The state of Ohio is a lesser place with your coming absence.

    Well... that may be a bit grandiose, but though we've only met in 'puter-space' it's sad for us, but nice for you knowing you'll be in a place not so snowy, icy, and cold. IS warmer there, right? ;-)

  5. Anton, will you never learn? ;p

    Jeremy, thanks.

    Alan, moving! Lol.

    COTB, thank you! Much warmer. Yea! Lmao.