Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winners, Music, and Quiet Meditation

Greetings good people. :)

So SmutFest 2010 is long over and I need to reveal the contestants. I think it's obvious that the winner is story #1, based on the votes. And I have to say that I cried when I read it. Not only did I cry, but I stopped several times throughout the piece to read the words aloud. I weighed them, rolled the syllables over my tongue, tasting them--bewitched by the their colors and textures. I view the author of story #1 as one of my favorite wordsmiths. I thrill at the use of his palette, the sureness of his knife as he forges words into paintings. And when I got to the end of his tale--tears streaming down my cheeks--I blurted out "Damn it Mark!"

Then I read it again.

It's my pleasure to reveal the winner of SmutFest 2010 as none other than Mark Kerstetter with The Explanation. Please check out his blog here.

I wish I had something cool to give him. Maybe next time I'll have this whole contest thing down pat, but for now he'll have to be content with mad props. And a tune, lol. I see his poor character trying valiantly to build his sculpture and forget Fay--but unable too...or maybe I'm just stuck in the 80's and love this song...whatever the reason...Skid Row, "I Remember You."

Story #3 got a vote, so that makes it the runner up. Independence Day by one of my favorite chicas--Cathy Olliffe. Feel free to check out her wonderful blog here. I hope you have a hankering for some wedding mania though, cuz Chica is knee deep in it.

So for Miss Cathy...with love and best wishes....doesn't have a thing to do with her tale...unless Moonbeam really digs that freshly shaved peach...if not I got some guys in my harem...kidding!!!! Seriously? Could Cathy and Dave be any cuter? Hugs! This dance is on me you wild Canadian Lovebirds:

Last, but certainly not least, is story # 2. This colorful tale was delivered to Crooked Tales in a black wrapper labeled "Holy Crap! Ask And Ye Shall Receive." I opened the package with trepidation and trembling fingers, inside was a brief manuscript and a card that read: Who Takes This woman? by Manon des Sources: Originally from Europe, Ms des Sources now resides on the East Coast of the United States, somewhere between Exit 9 and Exit 7A, where nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with her.

That's it. That's all I know about the author. What song to play for Mr. des Sources? Anything other than Inxs would be uncivilized. :p

I hope you've had fun. I know I have. I have one more submission to post and then that's the end of SmutFest 2010 till next year. But no worries, I've more deviancy in my twisted little mind in store for the fair citizens of Blogger. Have a great night. I'm off to wrangle some moneys, dream of faraway hot mean to kiss, make some gruel, and quietly meditate. :)

One for the road:


  1. You mean I can finally come out of hiding? Those red velvet curtains were stifling, and after the chocolate covered cherries and Frangelico I stole from your sideboard were gone I had nothing to eat or drink.

    Words usually don't make me cry. Movies and music, yes, but not words. But reading how touched you were by this story almost did it. Thank you Kat for throwing a cool contest and to you all who voted. I really enjoyed this.

  2. Damn you Mark Kerstetter and your amazing cry-inducing words!
    I even had to vote for you... believe it or not, I did. I honestly looked at the three stories and said, damnit, that first one is way better than mine. As for Manon des Sources, wowsers, you got a future in the business!
    *heads to shower*
    Thank you, Chica-Kat, for all your hard work, and the song, which I adore.
    Kisses and hugs and sugar and spice and all that happy crap all to you.

  3. Congrats to both Mark and Cathy!! And here's to next year!!!

  4. Congratulations to all. And Kat, I'm showing my age, but I thought a good song for Ms. de Sources would be "Love to Love ya Baby" by Donna Summer (you probably weren't even born when that came out).

    Looking forward to next year's contest.