Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing In The New Year

"Deal the cards, Old Man." Dewy snapped as he lit his stogie and scratched the soft skin under his 2010 sash. It sucked being Baby New Year. He looked around the table. Father Time gumbled into his long white beard, but began to deal the cards. "You'll be old before you know it, Dewy, no need to be hostile."

Dewy glared at the old man and puffed on his cigar. Lilith yawned and stretched glancing over at Jack Frost. He thought he was so clever. Men, how overrated, she thought. Mother Nature tossed her auburn curls over her shoulder and whispered in Lilith's ear. "Men are like movie rentals, only good for one night and best returned in the morning." Lilith sat back and laughed richly. "Amen, sister!"

Jack looked at them in confusion. He popped the cork on a fresh bottle of champagne and the girls jumped in their seats at the sound, then burst into giggles. "Who wants a Mimosa?"

"Mimosa?! Try ale, ice boy!" a tall willowy creature with dark hair bellowed from the doorway. She rushed the room bestowing kisses around the poker table. "Sorry I'm late, you know how it is. Deal me in, sweetheart." She tweaked Father's nose and smiled when he bushed. Jack came over to her and put his arm around her waist, teasing her with cold tickling touches. "Latis, where have you been?"

Latis shrugged out of his embrace and straightened her dress. "Mister Frost," she taunted "you know I'm in mourning." Jack frowned and whispered against her neck, "What's that fish got that I haven't?" She laughed in his handsome frosted face, "Body heat." She kissed his cheek and said, "Be a dear and pour me some ale." She flitted past him and took her seat at the table. "Has anyone seen Burnsey?"

Lilith crossed her long legs and coolly smothed her witch-black hair over one shoulder. "No and I doubt if he shows this year." Latis looked a her through narrowed eyes. "Lilith, Love, must you corrupt and devour every man you meet?" Offended, Lilith replied, "At least I can find a man sans scales."

Jack stepped between them, "Ladies, no worries, Burnsey is running late but he'll be here. And in the meantime, you can enjoy me." They rolled their eyes. Jack was always good for a laugh. On second thought...Lilith ran a knowing hand down the side of his trousers, teasing the cool skin beneath. She felt his muscles flex, knowing he liked the feel of her touch. But he jerked away from her advances, "Not you Lilith. It took weeks to recover from your tender affections last year. I'm not a piece of meat, you know."

She arched and spoke provocatively, "Coward, come give a girl a good tumle. You know you want to." Jack swallowed hard and took a step back. "That hedonistic nature of yours does not allow for a good tumble." Lilith scoffed, "There is nothing wrong with enjoying the female body or sex. It's organic and beautiful."

Mother winked at Father and muttered quietly, "Organic? I think she means orgasmic." Dewy sat glumly. Three beautiful women and he was trapped in a diaper. He puffed on his cigar and looked at the clock. Come on puberty!

Everyone settled down in their seats and started the game. Latis inquired, "Is it strip poker this year, or no?" Jack perked up at the suggestion, "Sure! Strip poker is my favorite game." Lilith and Mother groaned, but consented. As he friends played together and snacked and drank, the door swung open and Burnsey walked in. "Time Square is counting down, Dewy. Better get ready little man."

Dewy squashed his cigar in the ashtray and picked up his top hat. "Ready as I'll ever be." Burnsey smiled and put his coat on the rack. He cranked the handle on the old music box. "Auld Lang Syne" filled the room and poof! Baby New Year was gone. No one looked around, he'd be back shortly. So Burnsey sat in Dewy's spot and looked at his friends. They were a plastered mess and missing a few garments. "Well, at least no one's in the Christmas Tree this year."

Latis laughed, "Well, didn't we learn not to let Baby New Year drink until he's at least sixteen?" Burnsey squeezed her hand, "That we did, Lat." She squeezed his hand back. "Sure missed you, Robert. It just isn't New Year's without you. Fill your cup?" He grinned at her, "Is the sky blue?"

It was a good night amongst friends. They played cards and drank, articles of clothing strewn about the room. A loud crash shook the kitchen, abruptly ending the merriment. "What was that!?" Mother asked. Jack shrugged, "Not a clue. Hey where's Lilith?" They scanned the room, but she was nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, Dewy hadn't returned yet.

Jack stood up and said, "I'll check on it. Maybe it's Dewy come back." Father snorted, "That bitter boy? He's probably off bitching about afterbirth. Do you know what it's like to be born, hour after hour? Not enough booze in the world to make that memory fade."

Jack looked sceptically at the old man and went to investigate the crash. Mother followed him, hanging back a bit. He opened the door to the pantry and Lilith and Dewy stumbled out. "Well, I see you've outgrown your diaper," Jack commented dryly. Dewy shrugged, thrilling at his new body and the sensations he was feeling. He rather liked being twenty.

Jack's attention turned to Lilith. "Waste not, want not, dear?" She adjusted her dress and smiled smugly. "What?" She countered, "Someone had to christen the New Year." She bit her lip and Jack felt himself harden and become aware of just how little he was wearing. Lilith was a disarmingly naughty girl. He spun in his socks and hollared, "On that note, I'll see you all next year!"


  1. Sorry this is so late...hope you all had a Happy New Year.

  2. Chuckles throughout. Nice to see holiday fun. I'm usually late to reading. To me, you're right on-time.

  3. Heh - quite the romp, this one :-)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Glad everybody liked it! I've had waaay too much fun with my last few FF. Dunno what to do for this Friday, lol.

    I need some inspiration...


  5. Loved it--Lilith is my type of gal. ;) Wishing you a great, creative new year!

  6. Love it... did I say I love it? you bet I did..smiled and laughed all the way through...Thanks for sharing...