Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Voice in My Head

I suppose I should be glad that there's only one, lol. Okay, maybe two. :)

I've been reading a lot of submissions on Critters and trolling several blogs lately. Because I'm not sure what to do with my blog. So far I've just posted poetry or random things of interest. I've been fairly conservative about writing actual blog entries. I've no idea why. I've got a big mouth and lots of ideas, so you would think the words would just flow. Wouldn't you?

But they don't.

Some of the Critter's authors that I've read remind me of my problem. It seems that a few of them are looking for their voice, also. It's hard to find that unique style that is all yours and conveys your thoughts or imagination fluently.

I find myself second-guessing a lot of what I write. Or wondering if it sounds like "me." Whatever that means. The problem is particularly obvious when I switch genres. My fantasy "voice" feels nothing like my mainstream "voice."

But maybe that's a good thing? I don't want to read a fantasy that reads like reality. Do you? I want to be taken to another world, time, or concept that makes me forget about reality. Otherwise it isn't fantasy. There has to be something that makes it different or magical, for me.

In art, my professors used to say, "You have to find your niche." They'd chastise me for bouncing from realism to pop art to abstract. They'd tell me to find the one style I loved and pursue that. I've always hated boxes, lol.

I think I'm close to finding my voice in fiction. I hope to find my voice in this blog. Though I may end up posting nothing but poetry for awhile, lol. Who knows? I never do, lol.


  1. Glen Cook writes a character, Garrett PI, who is a Raymond Chandler-esque private detective in a fantasy world. Instead of thugs and hoodlums, he has to deal with vampires and ogres. I loved Cook's Black Company books, but Garrett just felt uncomfortable to me. Probably for the reasons you said, ie the voice wasn't right.

    I want to be taken to another world, time, or concept that makes me forget about reality

    I was once on a discussion board and a disagreement arose about whether people who read fantasy fiction are escapists. About half said this was nonsense, and the other half (including me) agreed whole-heartedly. I don't see anything wrong with escapism. The discussion ended badly. I compared the relative merits of Jane Austen and a carpenter, and Jane Austen didn't come out of it looking very good. Sometimes you say things you just can't take back.

  2. "Sometimes you say things you just can't take back."

    Tell me about it. I've stepped in it a time or three, lol. I think I would have sided with you on that argument.

    That's too bad about the Cook book. It sounds like an interesting idea. I've never read his stuff, so I can't really comment. But I get what you're saying.