Friday, July 17, 2009

Warrior and Shield

Shadows lurk where light fears to tread
Axe glints in bold defiance
Filtered light seeps through bony branches

A cackle fills the air
A shriek, laughter of the dead
Warrior stands at the ready

Shield flinches and bemoans this wayward decision
"You just had to fight wraiths. You couldn't have
gone the other way?"

Warrior shrugs and snaps--
"What do you care? You won't feel a thing."
Shield sighs, "Never a mage when you need one."

"Ssh!" The warrior cautions, "You're enchanted
aren't you?" The shield scoffs, "Not nearly enough,
since my lot got cast with yours."

"Too late now!" The warrior shouts as the first wraith descends
He swings his axe, but it's no use
The shield laughs, "leave it to a fighter to use an axe on mist."

The warrior dodges, rolls to his left
"Not helping, shield."
"Wasn't trying to," shield replies

The world beneath the trees turns blacker still
Oppressive--as the other wraiths lunge forward
They sweep over the warrior and he feels his skin burn

Icy fingers scratch and claw
Rancid breath gags the warrior
He drops to his knees under the shield

"Great! Just throw me to the monsters!"
The warrior silently curses being tricked into
taking the shield, damn gypsy woman

The warrior begins to run in his awkward crouched
position to the clearing and the wraiths scream as the
sunlight burns holes in their ethereal forms

The creatures withdraw to the shadows
And surround warrior and shield
The sun rises high in the sky

"Shield, if we ever get out of this
I'm melting you down into a really nice breast
plate" Shield just grunts


  1. Interesting prose/poetry mixture there. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

  2. Thanks, I like to write in unusual ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, lol.