Sunday, December 6, 2009


Love burning in my chest
A time-bomb 'neath my breast
Kisses yet received
Words that I believed

Promises that linger
Crook your little finger
And I come falling once again
No pride, so why pretend?

I go where love leads
I wait and heart bleeds
So stupid to cry like this
So stupid to crave your kiss

Who pushes away the one they care for?
So selfish and cruel, yet you take more
I lick the wounds and seal my fate
Trying hard not to turn to hate

Have to stop obsessing now
Lest I lose sanity somehow
Self-preservation calls
Dump him and rebuild my walls

I opened up a vein for you
Let you see inside because you asked me to
This is how I am repaid?
Silence...silence staid?

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