Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Is there no way to make amends?
This truly can't be the end!

No argument, no fight
Just "I'm done."--it isn't right!

I called you lover
Raised you above all others

I called you friend
And would again...

I wanted just to kiss you sweet
And stroke your cheek when we meet

Wanted just to hold you near
Say, "To me, that you are dear."

But you slam the door in my face
And in your wake leave a cold embrace

Perhaps I'll just disappear
Maybe drink away the year

Delete my blog
Wallow in a fog

Why not? It works for you
What else is there for me to do?

Tears don't sway your blackened heart
And your silence rips me apart

So that's what I'll do
I'll mimic you.

* Music
It won't rain all the time...


  1. That'll fix him, Kat.
    Ungrateful wretch!

  2. Lol. Yeah...that or going out with the girls this Saturday. Hehehe.