Monday, April 5, 2010

"I Won't Say That!"

“You’ll say anything to get me out of my knickers!”

He grinned with school-boy enthusiasm. “Is it working?” Linda squinted at him, snapping, “No! I can’t believe a thing you say. Every line comes with an agenda.”

Carlos considered this accusation with mock sincerity. “If it’s any consolation there is one thing I wouldn’t say to get in your panties…” Linda titled her head and watched him for a moment. “Out of my knickers—and you would, too, say it.”

Laughter rumbled from his broad chest as he patted his round belly. “Sweetheart, I’d fuck you six ways to Sunday, but I won’t say THAT.” Linda smiled like a fat cat licking cream, realizing that the cards rest firmly in her hands. She unbuttoned a few buttons of her skirt, increasing her slit, and drawing his eyes along the length of her thigh.

The v-neck of her button down blouse hugged her full breasts as she crawled over to his chair. He groaned with avid appreciation as her cleavage played peek-a-boo underneath the silken fabric. It was optical stimulation at its best. She really was the greatest secretary he’d ever had. “Baby,” she purred, “I think you’ll say it.” She blew warm air over his crotch and grasped the zipper of his slacks with her teeth. Her mouth felt hot through the cloth and he closed eyes, enjoying the sensation. “Yup,” she continued, licking him between words, “If you wanna have a lil sumpin’ sumpin’ for lunch today…mmmm…you’ll say it.”

His mouth was dry, but the front of his pants were soaked with Linda’s saliva and his pre-cum. He cleared his throat and grinned wickedly at her. “This is sexual harassment. I could have you fired for this.” She leaned back and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her hands ran over her lacy cream-colored bra and drug the fabric down over her tits. She teased her nipples to standing erect and tossed her hair over one shoulder. Her tongue skimmed her lower lip and she repeated, “You’ll say it, Honey. You’ll say it and then I’ll let you kiss these.” She squeezed the sensitive tips between her knuckles and gasped.

He pulled her up into his lap and pushed his tongue roughly inside her mouth. She loved to play these games with him, making him stiff and aching, but keeping his release at bay until she’d gotten what she wanted. He wasn’t letting her do it this time. Carlos drug his mouth from hers, breathing heavily, “I’ll kiss any damn part of you I want!”

Her laughter grated on his nerves. She winked at him and pulled away. “Come back here!” He shouted at her, rock hard. She shook her head no. “Say it, Honey. I’ll put you out of your misery, just say it.”

Carlos raked his fingers through his hair. “Baby, I’d do anything for you. I’d say anything to get at you, but I won’t say that!” This declaration upset her. Linda frowned, tapping a finger against her lips. “We’ll see about that.” She came over to him again, shoving him into his chair. She kissed him aggressively, nibbling on his lips, and stroking his tongue with hers. She kissed him stupid. He felt her hands yank on his belt, heard his zipper open. He went to grope her breasts, but she was kissing her way to his cock.

She flicked her tongue over his tip, lapping and licking in the gentlest caress. She pulled him into her warm mouth until his balls were flush with her chin. She took a couple gulping sucks on him before pulling her lips up the length of his shaft. She licked him like a cat—then stopped short. He growled with frustration, “Don’t stop now!” She chuckled at his expense. “Say it.” He hissed through clenched teeth. “Never!” She shrugged, “Okay.” Then she went back to sucking him to the point of orgasm and stopping.

“Gonna say it yet?”


“Okay…” Slurp…slurp….mmmm….”How ‘bout now?”

“Huh? Wha—No!”

“Alright…poor Baby….” Mmmm….nom…num…ahh…slurp….”You sure, Sweetie?”

Finally Carlos had had enough. “#$#@! Fine! Jesus, God in heaven, alright!!!”


“I’m sorry, Baby…what did you say?”

Carlos sighed, a stiff—yet defeated man. “I said…your mother’s a saint.”

Linda grinned the cock-sure grin of a victorious woman. “I thought that’s what you said.” She stood and went to remove her panties, but Carlos’ hand shot out to stop her. “After all that nonsense we’re doing this my way.” With a flourish he ripped away her panties, angled her over the desk before she could object. It was his turn to chuckle as he raised his name plate high above his head like Napoleon riding into battle and bellowed, “Let the assering commence!”

Linda’s eyes went wide and she squealed as she squirmed, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!”

He hitched her skirt up around her waist as he positioned himself accordingly. “Why, I said your mother’s a saint.”


  1. “Okay…” Slurp…slurp….mmmm….”How ‘bout now?”


  2. Did I go too far again? Brawhahahaha!

    She's a noisy eater. Lmao!


  3. OMG is right!
    Holy moly!
    NOT what I thought he was gonna say!
    You are REALLY REALLY funny.
    But thanks -- I just got out of the shower and now I have to go take a cold one...)

  4. Lol. Thanks Cathy!

    Yeah, this blog isn't for the faint of heart. But I'm glad you got a chuckle from that. I was beginning to worry that my brand of humor was an acquired taste. Hehehe.