Friday, July 30, 2010

Fade Into You

*Photo from the movie, "From Here To Eternity"
Pictures flicker on the screen. A bright light shines from the projector. He loved taking videos from old reels. She watched herself bounce and shimmy. Wind whipping through her hair—a silent laugh jumps from the screen.
Bare feet caked with sand, she giggled and spun for him.
But it was just a home movie.
She’d never spin for him again.
Her movie self went still. Her eyes glazed over with the look of love. Her mouth froze and her movie self walked towards the camera. She leaned forward on the couch. Her drink slipped and hit the floor. Rum and coke seeped into the carpet. She didn’t care. This is the part where he kissed me.
The light flickered. A phantom hand waved her movie self away, but she was determined. Her face took up the whole screen. And then the camera tilted, angled downward and filmed sand before the reel ran out. Then the screen went black.
She leaned back and laced her fingers over her belly. She could still see him standing there; feel the sand between her toes. She closed her eyes and tasted his kiss. She didn’t know when or how, but she'd faded into him—and he’d never noticed it. There were so many things he'd never noticed.
Perhaps that’s why he’d been able to walk away so easily.


  1. Excellent story, Kat. I am continually amazed at your talent for description. This was handled beautifully - the projector, the image of sand on her feet, everything.
    Classy, supremely well told, and perfect in length.
    A home run!

  2. By the way, I have some time this morning... my plan is to write a story for you and get a flash done... all in three hours... *laughs crazily*

  3. Awe. Thanks Cathy! :)

    Lol. Whipping out two tales in three hours? Pfft. I'd laugh crazily and then take a shot of something strong! Good luck, Chica! ;)

  4. Kat ... I love the sexy feel of this. It's noirosh without the crime... And a tad sad. Awesome flash. Hope to read more.

  5. I'm glad you picked up on that, Ant. I was going for it--only understated. I really wanted this one to be about the emotion--but feel cool.

    Glad you liked it. ;D

  6. Anthony's description is perfect..."noirish without the crime." A sad look at love lost.