Sunday, October 31, 2010


Scorpions sing of the wind of change
I watch the sand kick up
And swirl

Everything is shifting sand
Lost in the eye of hurricane
Lost on empty promises

It's a strange life
I'm a strange girl
A woman and yet

Somehow childishly free
I danced tonight
And laughed in moonlight

Sure the witching hour felt
My pulse catch
Felt my heart


Loneliness calls
Shadows fall
But light peeks through

I dreamt a dream of joy
Of early morning kisses
And late night caresses

I dreamt of long hair falling all around us
Big hands searching out my secrets
Warm breath on my neck

I dreamt of you.


  1. Always dug this tune... I dig your words even more...

  2. That was darkly beautiful. Well done Kat. :)