Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Flash

"Did you read my Friday Flash?"

I smiled at him, "Of course. As if I'd miss one? It's been awhile since you wrote one. I think you should write more."

"Humph," he scoffed, then looked at me tentatively, "Did it upset you?"

My mouth quirked a bit, "No. Should it have?"

"Well, no...I just thought..."

I laughed at the uncomfortable expression on his face. "Am I the dead girl in your tale, Sweetie?"

He paled visibly. "No! Absolutely not." The words rushed heatedly from his lips and I walked up to his chair. My eyes narrowed on his handsome face, his silver hair catching in the soft glow of the lamp light. " I the dead girl with worms oozing from her skin, perched on your couch, asking you for a kiss?"

He chuckled then, "No. Not you, Kitten. Never you."

I leaned over the back of his chair, my hair softly brushing his shoulder, my breath on his ear. I kissed his jawline and whispered soothingly, "Then why doesn't anyone else see me?"

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  1. Ah, the Muse! Enjoyed it and thanks for the music!

  2. Muse as rotting corpse - why not?

    Hmmm, lovers 'perched' in a sick relationship, at least one of which may be dead, sounds similar in theme to another fridayflash....

  3. Hmm...rotting corpses...

    The guy is inspired by strange things...hey, wait a minute, silver hair?

  4. Thanks to those who liked it. ;)

    As to all of this

    Mark, I wrote it long before I read yours. I swear. :)

    Alan, someone who used to write amazing Friday Flashes had that very conversation with me months ago. He also has sliver hair. I just gave the conversation some embellishments and my own spin. :D

    Here's the flash in question gents:

  5. Oh! the world of me...absolutely everything is fodder for writing and paintings.

    Fair warning! :D

  6. Oh Kat, not again. Back to Boot Camp with you.

  7. Lol. Not so much VL. It was just a memory that popped in my head. I'm reformed. I swear!


  8. Naturally because you're a ghost, not a worm-eaten undead! Elegant, so full of spirit. The girl in this story is absolutely not you!