Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day and Jewelry

First off... Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans. Hope you didn't have to work. :p

Secondly...I have been a jewelry making fool these days. Whew! Think I'm gonna open  a booth at out local farmer's market and craft show. Check it out here.

Anyway...these are not the best pictures, but it'll give you an idea of what I've been up to (when I should be writing. Ugh!).

I totally dig that copper hammered heart. It's purty-full. :)

I miss my camera. My phone camera blows chunks. Sorry!

Then I got a "brilliant" idea to make my own boxes and dress them up to match my jewelry pieces. Why do I complicate everything? lmao!

Looks like a coffin, lol. But pretty in person. 

That's the interior of the heart's box...

Here is the exterior:

Another sample:
Last One:

So...what do you all think? Have I wasted weeks of my life? Now I have to figure out what to sell them for. Suggestions? I used real stones, copper, antique brass, and silver. turns out that I'm a fussy girlie-girl. Lol.


  1. Beautiful - you need an Etsy site. No idea what to ask for them - you might check out what other jewelry is selling for on Etsy.

  2. So pretty! Wish I were creative like that! Like the box with the musical notes and the pearl/glitter trim. Yea Kat!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Love the copper heart especially.

    I bought a neat neckalace with tourquoise and copper at our 4th event. It came with ear rings, too and a fancy little copper clasp. I paid $75 for them both. Kattlekween

  4. Awe, thanks ladies. :)

    KK: That works, thank you for giving me an idea of what might be a viable price. I was thinking of selling the sets between $70-100 depending on materials. I have a few silver and obsidian sets that cost me a fortune to make--they have long hand made chains and took over 9 hours each.

    I've got some bracelets and earrings I could post. I've made 32 pieces in the last 3 weeks. But it's been grueling. Got more to do today. setting up my booth tomorrow morning.

  5. Pretty nice looking stuff, Kat!

    We have a Sunday night 'street sale' here that folks set up tables after the mall closes. Everyone peddling their wares, as it were. Selling hand-made art is hard as few appreciate the work that goes into making things. My mum made leaded glass pictures for years but mostly just gave them away as gifts because who would pay a couple hundred for something like that?

  6. Thanks Alan. :)

    I know what you mean. People love a good deal...even at the expense of others... I bet your Mum's work was beautiful.

  7. You can totally sell that stuff!! Do it!!

  8. They are so beautiful, you should keep making them. I think you will sell lots of them.

    Wishing you lots of luck my dear friend,