Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Else?

There's a kind of loneliness stalking me
It settles in bones
Steals my breath away

I could give in
Let rule me
Take me down with unseen weapons

Or I could tell it
To piss off, bury deep
And pretend I don't feel it

It's not so bad when the sun is high
And the sound of my boys
Distracts me

Tougher to fend off
At night when it's quiet
When the long shadows fall

And my bed is cold
No man to warm my skin
To fill the space within...

What's a girl to do?
But lay back in the stillness of my mind
And listen to some tunes



  1. GREAT TUNES, Ms. Kat! I love your brutal honesty in this piece... That said, I hope your well.