Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turn Him Loose

I met you on a Wednesday
Sunlight at your back
Shadow over your face

Tattoo branding your skin
Peel it back
See the sin within

Freedom; something sweet
Suckled from your tongue
But never meant for me

Cry with the crow
Hide in the corn field
Dark prince, fallen angel

You think you're something 
Bigger than you are
A sliver star

Dangling in  an opaque sky
Just a little boy
Cowering under Spiderman sheets

Never be what I need
Never see the truth of me
Best to turn you loose

Rather than swing from your pretty noose
On wicked night
Kiss your smile goodbye

One more Danzig tune...cuz I feel like it. Lol. Dang I love a man with a furry chest. Yum!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great pace and rhythm. Dug the vibe in this Ms. kat ... Cool tune as well.