Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fake It Till Ya Make It

Dig deep and bury well
No one wants to see your tears

They only like the clown
With cherry lips and sassy quips

Hide away the pain
Steal it up inside

You know he said it’d pass
(Though he can kiss my ass)

So practice your fake smile
Paint it on if you have to

Don’t let them see you’re crumbling
Cracking under all the strain

Tell a joke
Deflect the truth

And smile, baby girl, smile.


  1. Hugs to you, too!
    Thanks for sending me your song.
    I love Fleetwood Mac.
    And your poem is cryptic and sad and very well said.
    By the way, you DO have cherry lips!!!!!
    (I have no lips... just thin little things where yapping comes out - not that I'm jealous or anything...)

  2. Lol, You're such a nut! Yapping. Well, keep yapping Cathy. I like it. ;D

    And thanks!