Monday, May 17, 2010


Organ Mountains rising in the distance
Warm sun on my skin
Your hand stroking my knee
The feeling of contentment engulfing me

So easy to be with you
To giggle with glee
So easy to chat with you
Rest my head on your chest

Simple things really
That lead to something more
Avoiding that first kiss
To draw the tease out longer

Your hands hold fascination
Much larger than mine
So strong, so nice
Softly strumming my senses

And then...
And then...
Your mouth on mine
So heady and sweet

The scruff of your chin
Scraping my soft lips
Your hands in my hair
Pressed so tight against you

A wild passion
Bursting to break free
But restraint pulls me back
Stop. I can't breathe

Look at your face
Your warm twinkling eyes
Your sweet, sexy smile
Oh holy hell!

I'm gonna kiss you again...


  1. Holy hell!
    (love that expression - love that magic of first kiss)

  2. Softly strumming my senses.
    Very good Kat. I liked! xx