Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Da Do Da Do

Andy Warhol and Candy Darling

She walks with sure feet

The sound of stiletto boots
Echo down the alley
It isn't easy being a girl

Can't remember the last time
She ate a cheeseburger
Or drank a milkshake
She preferred candy

Snort it
Lick it
devour innocence
Inhale life's blood

It's all good
On the wild side
She smiles
The smile of the walking dead

A little blow
For some blow?
It wasn't always this way
Hadn't meant to get lost in a Lou Reed song

She used be Daddy's pride and joy
A quarterback in high school football
She was only in it for the ass grabbing
And locker room showers

A heel snaps
She's got runs in her hose
Her mascara smeared in black streaks
A parody of womanhood


  1. So...I used massive artistic license here, lol. The song was about Candy, it inspired the poem. The poem is not about Candy, but is about a drag queen hooker. And...I'm obsessed with Warhol's art. There you have it. My strangeness in a nutshell.


  2. Great stuff, Kat! Loved everything about this post - your poem was really good, loved the skanky pic of Warhol and Candy and listened to the whole Lou Reed tribute.
    Enjoyed all of it. Thanks!