Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Simple Life

Fate is a drunken whore
Who swaggers from man to man
Casting her pearls for any
Who will have her

The bitch needs to get bent
I'm sick of her toying with me
Sick of her meddling fingers
Sick of her lies

No one knows the future
Or what God has in store for us
Nay--we muddle through
Like pawns on a chessboard

God in the corner playing against Satan
Fate throwing her diseased tits at them both
A seedy room smoke filled room
And Big Mama Thornton singing, "Hound dog"

Fuck them all
I've had enough
Life is what you make it
When you get the balls to do something

I'm done sitting back and playing dead
I'm gonna smash the chessboard dammit
And take back what's mine
Smile and laugh and paint

Jesus, I haven't painted in so long
What's stopping me?
Me. That's what
No more sad Kat

No more nice Kat
It's time to live
To breathe
To enjoy the feel of the sun

It's time for a simple life

* I used to like Sundays, lol. Now apparently, I like blasphemy. Sorry!

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