Monday, June 21, 2010


Those I love
Don't love me
Learning to accept that
Is like

Finding a worm in cherry pie
Like learning the sky is green
The grass is purple
And burns real nice when you roll it

Or so I hear

You only call me when you're drunk
You only text when you're bored
Crazy men
Make me crazy

So many lips I haven't kissed
Hands I haven't felt
I should stalk his ass
Make him love me

But I won't

Too many rules
Have me twisted up in ties
An S&M rag doll

Riddle me this
Riddle me that
Is phone sex a sin?
Gonna burn

In a fiery lake
At a banquet hall in hell
He said so many pretty things
Licked flames across my mind

Across my heart

Then flipped the switch
Evil phone sexer
Evil mind licker

Found a worm in cherry pie
Found a worm in the bottle
Rolled some grass
But the match was wet

Or so I hear...

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