Monday, October 19, 2009


The hours tick by
And the days blur
One chore after another
Never done

A day, a week, a year
Never come too soon
To be rid of this misery
To be free again

I remember freedom
I can see it shinning in my past
The feel of sunlight on my skin
The laughter bubbling from within...

Time has screeched to a halt
Pitting husband against wife--bitter enemies
Emotions run the gambit
And crackle in the air

Divorce never looked so welcoming
Never felt so right or near
It's come to this then
Time to go, to say goodbye

Lest someone take a misstep
And the fragile skin of friendship crumble
I'm looking at you with hatred in my eyes
And clenched fists, feral teeth exposed

It's long past time to part ways
To rip off the bandage and let the scab heal
Pet and soothe my children fast asleep
And hide in rooms where you aren't

Come on time! Step it up!
Let me go and be free
Light the match and burn the wreck already
And I'll find happiness in the aftermath of ruin

Peace in the funeral
Toss the flower on the grave and turn away
"Here lies the wreckage of a marital fraud"
Good riddance.

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