Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning Drive to Work

Long winding country road
Black snake beckoning
Soft breeze swaying
Cool crisp air and clear blue skies

Bejeweled trees dripping
Crimson, orange, and yellow ocher leaves
Golden sunlight peeking through
School bus stops and kids jump on

Good tunes on the radio
I'm singing along too loudly
Smile on my lips
And you on my mind

It's gonna be a good day.


  1. You just like that it's mellow and doesn't require a shower, a cigarette, or a shrink after reading it, lol. Poor Alan.


    I dunno...that was good moment for me. So I wanted to remember it.

  2. LOL. I'm glad that you documented and shared it with us, Kat.

  3. I've had those days! They are worth remembering, especially on days not like that.

    Straight From Hel

  4. Yeah, I agree Helen.

    Anytime, Alan, lol.