Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sappy Love Poem (Again)

The moments tick by unhurried
My face buried
In the crook of your neck
I grin shyly and look a wreck

Dreams are such an easy thing
Give flight to broken wings
Love pouring all around
Treasure the bliss we've found

I've become a corny poet
A sappy, love-sick know-it
Soft words to match imaginary kisses
Sharp fantasies become blurry wishes

And yet...
No regret...
Just a simple craving not to be denied
A quiet rhythm pounding, needing satisfied

Open arms, open mouths, searching fingers
Open hearts, just a dream, but God, it lingers
Sigh and stretch against you
Welcome-warm and soft-subdued

A simple girl with simple dreams
A randy boy toying with my seams
It's a fairytale
Bound to fail

But hope forges strong
And guides us both along
An annoying couple who say too much
And drag the private into open rush

But who cares, Love?
Who cares?
Close your eyes and kiss me sweet
And dream and dream, until we meet...


  1. Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from love poem.

  2. Thanks George.

    I'll check out your site...

  3. dreams are all you built your life on... never wanting to face reality head on. Its going to bite you in the ass mark my words.