Saturday, October 31, 2009

NaNo and Embers

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I'm struggling with inspiration and NaNo. Can't say this whole thing is something I ever thought of doing. I tend to snub deadlines and restrictions. I'm an organic writer and artist. Meaning, I channel whatever is in my head or life via my work. It's not something that can be forced or coldly calculated. But I'm gonna try this thing out and see what happens, I guess. Lol.

So....some random writing to get the juices flowing... ;D


A roughly lit castle perched precariously atop the cliff loomed in the distance. A lone eagle flew to it's nest. The barren trees swayed bony arms toward the heavens. And the traveler sat stoking the dying embers of a small fire. The brim of his hat crowded his features, framing them into a shadowed mosaic of eyes, nose, and mouth.

He was a drifter, a stranger to this village. The common folk regarded him with suspicion as he swirled the chunky coffee in his mug and spat out the grounds. A filter was a luxury and he'd decided years ago to shun all luxuries. He leaned back and patted his full belly. He'd come here chasing the beast. He was always chasing the beast.

He could smell it's stench thick in the cooling breeze. The night was turning cold as the leaves shuddered to the ground. It was mid-October and the winter chill was already beckoning. Every so often a wail would catch on the wind and tease the traveler. His head would cock toward the ominous sound and he would listen with anticipation curling tighter in his gut.

The beast had taken something from him long ago--a priceless treasure impossible to replace. And the traveler was honor bound to exact revenge for the loss he'd suffered.

Again the wail caught and hung in the air like a bloated pig, screeching as the butcher's blade comes crashing down. To the West! The traveler kicked dirt over the glowing ashes and took off in a flash. He moved swiftly toward the wail, eager to wrap up the battle tonight.

To be continued...

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  1. Great start Kitten!