Friday, November 6, 2009

Anton Gully

You say love is hard
But that's a lie
You're over-complicating things again
Take a breath and ease your mind

Love is patient and kind
It's unconditional and forgiving
It's compassionate and freeing
Love is what I'm offering you

It's my last ditch plea
My heart's request
Reach out to me
I'll welcome you home

Take the chance
You know you want to
Don't make the mistake
Of throwing us away

You need to write
Who could understand better than I?
Who could love you better?
Accept you more?

Please don't go back to being a rock
Talk to me and let's sort it out
We owe it to ourselves to see this through
Haven't I been good to you?

Whatever the problem
We can face it together
If you'll trust me the way
You asked me to trust you

Keep your promises, Love
Be patient and this uncertainty will pass
Just don't be rash
And say goodbye too soon...


  1. That's a really nice piece, Kat. Heartfelt and honest.

  2. And useless. Completely useless. Hopelessly useless.


  3. Not here. Not with me...anymore...