Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The rhythm pounds hypnotically
A deep reverberating sound
Echoes in my blood
Crawls along my skin

A drug that drives me
A tie that binds me
Slave to the beat
I move unconsciously

Close my eyes and sway
Small soft smile
A million miles
Away from here

Launch the escape pod
Stars explode behind my eyes
Body rocking
And the music calls

The wail of the guitar
The singer’s voice
Almost a sexual ache
Just a song

Doing strange things to me
Making me wish for things
Lyrics searing my soul
Makes me think of you

It’s just a song
Just a drum beat
Nothing more
Can’t open my eyes

Body rocking
Feeling so much
And it’s building…building…
Gotta melt into you…


  1. I can actualy *hear* the lead singer of 'Cake' using this as lyrics. ;-)

    You DO have a gift, thanks for sharing a little more with us.

  2. Lol. I wish. I'd LOVE to write song lyrics!