Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome Back Alice

Fall down the rabbit hole
Stay away from the shrooms

Look in the funny mirror
Laugh at the distorted girl standing there

Chase the white rabbit
No don't

Have some pride, Alice
Just stay on the path and you'll find him eventually

The Cheshire cat is a bitch
Swirling smoke and spinning lies

Come have tea with the Mad Hatter
Clean up the March Hare's vomit

Sop up the mess
Change your party dress

What happened to the white rabbit?
He's typing furiously, preoccupied

Wander aimlessly, Alice
Take a bow drama queen

What happened to the sun?
It's so dark here in the rabbit hole

Paint your lips into a joker's smile
Really shouldn't have eaten the shrooms

Dance around to wild tunes
Chase the Mad Hatter and March Hare around the table

Gleeful giggles of the half insane
So much fear and pain

"She was always a sensitive girl"
Pull the ribbons from your hair

Grown women behave with dignity
Stop acting like a spoiled child

Dig a foothold and climb out of the rabbit hole
Slip and fall and try again

Fuck the Queen of Hearts
She's just a dirty whore

Sit at the bottom and see the sun so far away
A tiny ray at the top of the rabbit hole

Cry and cry and cry the ache away
Welcome back Alice

Hope you enjoy your stay.

*** I'm having one of those days, not fit for human interaction. My apologies. Maybe I'll just lose myself in NaNo for awhile...think I could muster up something ugly today, lol. My poor characters, good thing they're imaginary. ;D