Friday, November 6, 2009

NaNo Excerpt: The Ranting of a Deranged Woman

Tears streamed down her face and pain raked rancid claws along her throat. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. This mind-fuck was destroying her. Her heart lay bloody at his feet, a gaping wound in her chest. She knew better than to fall in love.

She’d avoided it for years. She’d convinced herself that she could live without it. But then he’d come along and pursued her. Told her so many things, gave her hope, and before she’d known it—she was in love with him. She was a fool. She was a stupid, stupid girl, to trust the man so completely, to believe the dream he had painted. Why had she ever believed she could have happiness?

Hadn’t life kicked her in the teeth enough before? After everything she’d survived it was criminal to be this naive. The reality was that she was a mother and couldn’t afford to cry her eyes out and lose her mind over Sammy. Either he loved her and would come to his senses or he didn’t and she would come to hers. Only time would tell.

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