Monday, November 23, 2009


Slave to earthly pleasures
Drawn to your textures
Knowing it could fail
Knowing you might sail—

Wanting you to stay
Needing so much to say
“Won’t you come and play?”

Slow hypnotic drug
Shove me forward on the rug
No excuses
Sick of nooses

Need to feel you Boy
Got to give you joy
Say the word, I’ll begin
Pull you deep within

I just want a taste of you
Whet my appetite like you do
Never knew someone like you
Feel so raw and brand new

I'm reacting to you
Your curious moods
They drive me mad
But I’m so glad

Just to know you
Just to love you
Come here—love me
Babe—rock into me

Enjoy this crazy ride
Gasp as you slip inside

Slide your hands down my arms
Lock fingers, work your charm

Hard against my back
Stretched until I crack
Why deny it?
I can’t fight it

Gotta lay down for you
Feel you do what you do
So driven

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