Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Love

Every song reminds me of you
Every joke sounds like your laugh
Every step takes me closer to you

But every now and then I steal a moment
for myself
I take a deep breath and step back

Cock my head and squint at you
Are you what you seem?
Beautiful and flawed?

And I wonder if I'm doing the right thing
Dragging you into my maddness
I wonder if I can handle yours

Such a mess...the two of us
Drawn together by unseen bonds
Unfit for anyone else

What a pair
And body misses yours
My heart aches for you

No one else understands
They don't see me
Not like you do

I know it's love
I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my pores

I belong to you
You belong to me
Kiss my mouth and I'll kiss yours

Right or wrong
Safe or not
I want you

Just you
Only you
No one else can fill the void

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