Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet The Frying Pan

Transfixed by his humorous spat
He sucked me dry in nothing flat
Silly Anton Gully
Spins lies, and folly
He never saw it coming, just went splat!


  1. Dammit woman, quit your bitching
    Best forget your fur suit stitching
    If you're gonna play the jester
    With the better Uncle Fester
    Or the strain will leave you twitching

  2. Lmao. You're nuts. You have a thing for fur or something? Lol. You think that was bitching? Hardly. I can do much worse. I had a rough night, think I'll join you in your drunken stupor.


    Cheers. ;p

  3. One of the earliest things I wrote for fun was a story about a prince that became infatuated with a wild were-panther. He'd head out with his hunting party and they'd all want to kill it, and he just wanted to give it a cuddle (so innocent back then). At the time I thought it was great, but nobody knew what the heck I was getting at. I do like fur, but only when it's attached to something living**.

    I'm only starting to drink now, actually. Been roughly outlining my NaNoWriMo effort for this year, which is cheating, but... meh.

    Margaritas, huh? That'd be your national drink then? :-p

    ** that is supposed to have fur.

  4. I do like a margarita now and then...or anything with either tequila or Kahlua, lol. But I don't drink much these days. :(

    Never got into fur. I can think of far more interesting things then fur. Innocent? I'm betting that you haven't been innocent for quite awhile. I know I haven't, lol. ;p