Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sadomasochist Love Song (About a Corset)

I’m gonna strip it off
No amount of pleading can stop me now
I’m gonna burn it off
You’ll see; I’ll show you how

Twisted boy
Stitch my mouth closed
Twisted boy
With the needle that I chose

I’m rocking your world
Now you’re beggin’ down on your knees
Bet you wish I was your girl
Scream, “baby, please!”

Frozen like a mannequin
You know that I can’t breathe
You’ll never be sane again
Poking holes, I’m just your sieve

You silly, silly little boy
You strapped me in this thing
You think I serve to bring you joy
But you can’t stop my sting

So now I’m breaking out
Gonna leave you here all alone
You’re gonna bitch and pout
Too bad, you’re on your own

* I Gotta stop listening to the White Stripes. I wrote this while listening to "Seven Nation Army" and it flows about the same. Alternative lyrics? Lol. It took me ten minutes to jot it down and I kinda like it, lol.


  1. If those are the alternative lyrics, I can't wait to see the video.

    "Poking holes, I'm just your sieve" ???

    I'd kill to come up with that kind of imagery.

  2. I know it's nuts, right?! Lol. That's why I have to stop listening to them...and yet I'm on a complete Jack White tangent. Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and The White Stripes. God only knows what I'll write next. Lmao.

    It's funny you should mention a video...I was thinking I should draw up a story board for that poem. Something to really make people worry. Picture a corseted, twisted ballerina...

    It's not bad for ten minutes though... totally off the cuff. ;p

  3. Picture a corseted, twisted ballerina...

    Not a problem.

    And now there's ANOTHER one.

    They musn't like each other. They're wrestling.


  4. A twisted, corseted ballerina is just what I'd like for Christmas - yum! Hey Kat, I think my e-mail is not working or something. I've tried to respond! Mark.

  5. Whew! Anton, down boy. No. Not two ballerinas. One ballerina and one very pervy guy. I see a battle of wills and him left in a crumpled, unsatisfied mess. Humph.

    You want two ballerinas -- then write your own poem, lol. ;p

    Hey Mark! And what would your wife say about that Christmas gift? Okay...I'll go check my email. :)

  6. Hey Anton, I responded to you at the end of my crappy-ass story. You know the coming-of-age porno/profanity fest. Lol.

  7. http://ilovethecode.com/HTML/HTML-Tutorials-How_To-Easy/

    That's where I found out.

    I can't really show you how to embed a link, without it thinking I'm trying to embed a link, but in the example here:


    Blogger will puke if you use the target=_blank that they show in their example, so just leave it out and it seems to work fine.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The team of slaves I have monitoring your posts will go hungry tonight.

  8. I know you're busy and I don't expect you to keep up with my blog, lol.

    Thank you for the info. :)

  9. For God's sake--feed your slaves! They don't work well on an empty stomach. ;p