Friday, August 28, 2009

Music Break II

Green Jello (Jelly): Three Little Pigs


  1. NIN just doesn't do it for me. Now, "Hurt" covered by Johnny Cash is transcendent.

    Helena Bonham Carter as a redhead. Foxy.

  2. Oh, just noticed the Three Little Pigs link - I bought that as a CD single when it came out. Back when people paid for music.

  3. Proper music.

  4. I still pay for music. I am a collector of CDs. If I could buy vinyl, I would. I rail against technology!

    Just kidding. I like having the lyrics.

    The Three Little Pigs rock.

    Disagree vehemently with you on JC. But for the sake of friendship I'll bite my tongue. **** it's bleeding!

    What is it with guys and redheads? Seriously? My husband is just as bad. Tawny Kitaen, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, maybe she used to be hot. But she's also crazy! I don't care what he says. I'm not dying my hair red again. It's black and staying that way.

  5. Proper? Hardly. Hey. She has a potty mouth, too. Are you calling me racist again? Close minded? What?

    It's so wrong to set lyrics like that to a soft song. Don't want my opinions, huh? Better sharpen your knife, cuz the only way I'll shut up is cut out my tongue.

    Kisses. And hugs.

  6. It's so wrong to set lyrics like that to a soft song.

    That's partially the point. Out of a dozen songs on her last album, about two thirds either can't be, or only with heavy edits, played on the radio here. For some reason we can have all the cussing and sexiness on TV we want after 9pm on normal TV, but radio is way prudish.

    Metal has been doing the same thing for decades. There's precious little intelligence shown in rock anymore, and most of the bands are little more than t-shirt promotions.

    Maybe they still think Metal is the devil's music in the US, but here it's passé even in TV commercials.

  7. I'm going to prove you wrong. Mark my words. Don't have time now, but I will continue this as soon as I can.


  8. Wrong? Me? Curious concept.