Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grandpa Was Right About the Bricks

Well, it's eerily quiet around here. My little monkeys went back to school this morning. It's absolutely ridiculous that they are in first and second grade. Just yesterday Noah was learning how to talk and Gabriel was crawling on the counter. How can they possibly be six and seven years old? My Grandpa used to threaten to stack bricks on my head to keep me small. I see what he meant now.

I guess this leaves me with more time to harass Anton. I'll dust off my Cat O' Nine Tails and see if he's up for a game. What? I feel inspired and Anton's always so entertaining. ;D

Or maybe not. One last look at my little, little ones before they're ditching me at the mall...sorry for the melancholy, lol.

I held your hand when you were brand new
Touched your face and counted your toes
I kissed your eyes
Stroked your hair

I rocked you and time stood still
I named you after an angel
and a man of great faith
Hoping you'd be better Christians than me

I taught you the alphabet
And songs that you'll one day forget
I pulled you down from
the tree when you got stuck...

You're still little
But not for long
One day you'll be grown
With babies of your own

And I'll probably cry
Kiss your grown faces
My heart will burst with pride
And I'll remember when you were all mine


  1. Hmm. Cute kids. The lil one doesn't look old enough for school.

    And in the same post a link to Gretchem Moll playing Bettie Page in bondage gear.

    Now, call me old-fashioned but...

  2. Lol. Yes, but the Bettie Page reference wasn't about my boys. Now was it?

    "Cute kids."

    Thank you. :)

    "The lil one doesn't look old enough for school."

    Neither of them were. They were two and three at the time those photos were taken. This post was about reminiscing with a (minor) subcategory of picking on you. ;)