Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Theory 101

A certain loud-mouthed Irishman thinks that rock is dead. So I'm wasting an entire blog to illustrate how wrong he is.

In Ireland there is a couple who have taken metal songs and turned them into something that is unique, beautiful, very intelligent, and interesting. They hail from Mexico originally and then inexplicably moved to Dublin. They have a long history in metal.

How can you listen to that and say rock is dead? It's an evolution, a re-birth of rock.

Now Metallica has pissed me off ever since they came out with Load, their aptly named piece of crap CD. But Death Magnetic, their new CD has some strains that hearken back to their glory days. Referring to: And Justice For All, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, and Kill 'em All. No, it isn't as amazing as those albums, but it's note worthy.

All Nightmare Long

Guns 'N' Roses. 'Nuff said. Okay, Chinese Democracy is amazing, but controversial. Probably the most adult album that Axel has ever made, but it's experimental and not every song is a hit. That's what happens with true art. Some people take issue with it because Slash isn't on there. Who gives a rat's ass about Slash? Sure he's a great guitarist, but what has Velvet Revolver done? It's nothing without Axel. I top picks off of Chinese Democracy are as follows:

This I love, for the artistic quality, the contrast of Axel's weathered voice and the intensity of the music. It's beautiful in it's simplicity and the lyrics are soulful.

Shackler's Revenge, for it's demented qualities and rockin' sound (not the clip I wanted, but close enough).

There's more, Sorry, Madagascar, but Youtube's copyright b.s. is really getting on my nerves. GNR's website is linked on my blog you can hear more there. The point is, that Axel's lyrics are amazing and the music compensates for what may or may not be lacking in his vocals.

To list kick ass bands who exhibit intelligence in their music: Seether, any band with Jack White, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Jet, The Killers, The Bravery, etc.



I think that's enough for today. ;)


  1. Seriously, we're going to have to disagree on this one. I had to stop that first video playing, it was physically hurting me. I just don't hear the same thing you do when I listen to it. A busker's version of a twenty year old Metallica track is not fresh. Oh and now they're playing traditional Spanish guitar... hilarious... not.

    I still listen to early 'tallica. But EVERYTHING from LOAD onwards has been crap, and Death Magnetic is a hollow parody of their earlier work.

    Back in the day, in the 80s, the Germans loved their Metal Opera. Axel's woeful piano stylings remind me all too closely of those dark days.

    Jack White, The Killers, Jet (just listen to AC/DC why don't you?) and The Bravery are pop rock bands. Anything with Jack White in it is awesome, but it isn't metal.

    Papa Roach? I've no idea what they're doing now. If they somehow transcended their Nu-metal posturing then good for them, I say. Good for them.

    Kings of Leon I like. Curious pick for your video though. That's a textbook late 70s/early 80s New Wave/Punk sound you have there. Was that supposed to be a counter-point to your horrible old metal rantings? Adroit. I quite like Nina Hagen too. Look her up. This'll do for a start.

    Y'all need to broaden yo'taste in music.

    Hmm. I should really do more music reviewing. It's invigorating.

  2. Anton, rock has many subcategories. It's not limited to Metal. I posted songs from many branches of rock, because that's what I'm defending, rock, as a whole. (Though I did forget Evanescence and Nightwish.)

    I stated that from Load on was crap. Most of Death Magnetic is crap, but that song at least sounds like something Metallica should do. It's the first song I've been able to say that about in years. Anyone who loves metal -- real metal has a soft spot for their early work. I thought I made that clear?

    Yes, I clearly stated "No, it isn't as amazing as those albums..."

    I'll ignore your insult to Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their guitar work is undeniable.

    I love AC/DC, but there is nothing fresh about their new album. It's the exact same sound as their old stuff. Yes, it's good, yes I listen to it. But it doesn't qualify as new, in my opinion.

    OMG I forgot Ozzy! Flog me now. Sorry, random thought popped in my head...

    I love Punk. Always have. Misfits, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, the Stooges, etc. I am drawn to punk music -- again it falls under the rock umbrella.

    Kings of Leon are a southern rock band. You can hear the rockabilly- Lynard Skynard sound in some of their stuff. Just as Jet reeks of Iggy Pop. But yes, that song does have a nice New Wave/punk sound. Though so does The White Stripes with Jack White, well with a bit of garage...

    Broaden my taste in music? It's pretty broad already. As long as it's not country or rap. Though there are a few exceptions to that rule.

    I think the chick you linked is an acquired taste. I didn't really like her till two minutes in. But I'll investigate her further.

    I agree, music theory is invigorating, lol. But we can drop it, simply agreeing to disagree if you like. Though I kind of enjoy our spats, lol. ;)

  3. Yeah, I enjoy our spats too.

    The make-up text is terrific.


    "I'll ignore your insult to Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their guitar work is undeniable"

    And wholly unoriginal.

    Best leave it on the music front...

    Evanescence... bunch of pseudo-Christian Rock wank. If Amy Lee came to my door and asked to borrow some sugar for a recipe, I'd give it to her, but if she subsequently failed to make eye contact when we passed in the street, then I would be quite cross with her. And I'm not making any of that up. That's just how I feel.

    Yes, best leave it here. Say no more about it.

    "You can hear the rockabilly- Lynard Skynard sound in some of their stuff. "

    And their desperate attempts to do something actually worthwhile in some of their other stuff.

    I'm prepared to let it lie, if you are.

  4. Nina Hagen, relatively famously, covered The Tube's "White Punks on Dope". A live version of the original is here.

    Love Youtube. It's giving me my youth back. Though, that might be because of the monkey glands.

  5. Well, if we both like to spat, then let's spar. As you say, the make-up text is terrific.
    Lmao. ;)

    Youtube is giving you your youth back? Then what is my biting wit? Chopped liver? LOL.

    Seriously, if you think my musical education is so lacking--educate me, oh Master Anton. ;p

  6. "Nina Hagen, relatively famously, covered The Tube's "White Punks on Dope.""

    Good song.

    Motley Crue covered it, too. Gotta say, men in thongs never did it for me, lol. Now boxers or boxer-briefs on the other hand... ;D

  7. educate me, oh Master Anton.

    Is this some sort of Black Jewels role-play?

  8. Oh no. Not at all.

    You seemed adamant that I didn't know what I was talking about. And since you're apparently an old man (LOL) I felt it only made sense for you to teach me.

    I called my Tae Kwon Do instructor Master Cho and that wasn't sexual or role playing. It simply showed respect. But his body rocked, if I had been single...Naw, he liked to throw me around too much, lol.